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St. Cloud Florida has long been associated with Kissimmee as part of the "closest to Disney" pair of cities. But St. Cloud is breaking out in it's own way. "The Soldier City", as it's long been known, is now in one of the fasting growing counties in the country and is filling up with new residents like never before. All these new homeowners and renters need a storage solution for their "stuff" and Rockers Lockers is the most trusted name for self storage in Saint Cloud, FL. General units, climate controlled and outdoor storage - all are available along with Penske truck rentals in a convenient and safe location on the East side of town. With 3 facilities, there's always room for personal storage in St. Cloud.

There are St Cloud Self Storage units and then there is Rockers Lockers. Your Saint Cloud Personal Storage headquarters. Your search for mini storage in Saint Cloud, FL has ended! There is no other facility in town with as many locations and with a broad of an availability as we have. Self Storage units in St. Cloud of all sizes - with climate controlled units also widely available.

St Cloud is a city in Osceola County, Florida. St Cloud has an area of 26 miles and is located southeast of Orlando. The city population was 35,183 in the 2010 census and there are plenty of things to see and do if you're visiting St Cloud. Be sure to grab a bit to eat at Crabby Bill's at East Lake Toho Park, various boat tours, or the Reptile World Serpentarium.

Lakefront Park at East Lake Toho has many amenities including a 143 boat slip marina, bike and running paths, fishing pier, playgrounds, and volleyball courts. Come, relax and enjoy the Florida sunshine!

Storage units - storage made easy

There may be a number of reasons behind the use of self-storage units for home remodeling, military deployment, moving, a major life change such as divorce or some business purpose. While renting it, the most important factor that almost all of us consider is safety. All of us use warehouse halls to ensure that things are not stolen by an outsider or insider. However, each deposit does not provide the same type of security and there are only tenants who can rightly determine whether the place is durable for their belongings.


Need of security

So, what all factors do you have to take into consideration to ensure that the storage unit rented is in a secured premise? Modern storage facilities use state-of-the-art security features to convince the tenants. After all, even a single tenant would not want to lease a storage unit that is not good enough to protect their belongings. A good storage warehouse offers controlled access features.


Features of a good storing unit

Storage units are available in various sizes and can be used for both residential and commercial tenants. Generally, people use a size 10X5X1.5 feet, but larger sizes are also available and you can accommodate more stuff in it. The largest size available is 20X20 feet. These units are usually built with corrugated metal and have no room for ventilation. In fact, the only way to access the storage units is through the roll-up door, which is made of metal.


Storage units have safety locks so that your belongings remain safe. These units are only accessible to the tenant or the lessee. The faculty operators have no right to see or use the content contained therein. The operator of the storeroom can only take over the control or the due diligence if the tenant can not pay the rent. Modern storage facilities also provide computer-controlled access to the protection of your belongings. Surveillance cameras are installed in all corners of the warehouse to provide additional security. Many storage companies also use biometric scanners to ensure that it is only the tenant who has access to a particular one.


Storage facilities do not allow you to store toxic, explosive, and perishable items in it. There are some storage units where you can hold some perishable things and be used in these warehouses, various modern facilities such as RV storage, boat storage, furniture storage, garages storage and an air conditioning system so that there is no moisture buildup and mold growth on the items. A temperature between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit is maintained, so environmental factors do not hurt your things. However, you can not sleep or dwell in these units. The best and most prestigious storage companies provide enough support to their customers such as free packaging, bubble packs, and boxes. Vans and trucks are also provided free of charge and there is no requirement for transporting your belongings from your house into the warehouse itself.


Are you also looking for a trouble-free, ultra-modern storage facility? Rockerslockers is a leading warehouse. Storage units are available in various sizes and can be used for both residential and commercial tenants. For a custom solution to your storage needs, you must visit them at

Mini Storage Units - Benefits and Importance

Mini storage units are very useful, especially if you have a small apartment or business place and you need to keep your excess belongings and inventory items of your business. You have to store these things off, but at the same time, you must also have access to the items when you need them. These are very useful when you moving out or selling your house. If you have to keep your office belongings at the time of the moving of your office, the self-storage is functional.


Depending on your requirements and the time period you want to keep your belongings, you can determine the size of the self-storage unit. If fact, you can hold any item as long as you want, and you can be completely safe from the safety and security of your things. There are many advantages of using these self-storage units. You will get separate storage space and access to your goods whenever you need them.


They have more space in your home and at the same time, you can keep your property in a safe place. Otherwise, you would have kept them in a storeroom or in a garage, where they could be tolerated. This must actually lead to early wear and tear of the things, insects, and damaging animals invite themselves in such places. In the self-storage units, the company ensures that the equipment is free of harmful insects and animals.


If you need a small space because there are only a few things you need to keep, Mini storage is the best option. There is also a mobile storage unit and they can also deliver your goods at your doorstep. Usually, the companies that offer mini storage units for the convenience of the people, they offer you the help of CCTV, which is activated for 24 hours. Choose the mini storage units that provide you with sender units so that your documents and property are stored at times of fire, and also allow you to lock the area yourself.


Mini storage in Lake Nona, one of the fastest growing parts of Central Florida is booming with a mission to ensure safe, convenient and clean storage, we also promise to deliver service at reasonable prices. Store your goods with the establishment of the Year Winner and the largest privately-held self-employed company. Kindly check us out =>

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