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What is a Standard Unit?

A standard storage unit is an affordable, efficient way to store your personal belonging. Standard storage units make it easy to store items of all sizes in one convenient storage location. It can be as an extension of your home to store seldom used items or seasonal decorations, a business storage to de-clutter your office, or to store housing items while moving.

There are over 800 storage units located in East Saint Cloud between our four facilities. We have standard 8’ high ceilings and 12’ ceiling options with units sizing in 5x7x8 up to 12x40x12. These storage units have roll up doors to give you additional room when packing your unit, due to the lack of “swing range” needed to open and close doors. In addition, all four of our facilities have wide aisle for your convenience to make is easy for maneuvering on our premises.

Units include various sizes

Choose from standard storage units in a multitude of sizes. We offer 5'x10', 10'x10', 10'x15', 10'x20', 10'x30', and other in between sizes. Our standard sized units are offered in 8’ and 12’ ceiling heights. These various sizes insure a perfect fit for all your storage needs.

24 Hour Security System

Our security system is broadcast over a closed circuit network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is recorded and monitored live by our managers and security professionals. In addition, we have key pad access entry for our gated facilities that only let an individual in when a code is entered.


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5' x 10' Walk-in Closet

Small furniture, boxes and miscellaneous items.

10' x 10' Average Bedroom

2 bedroom apartment

10' x 15' Small One-Car Garage

2-3 bedroom apartment and small furniture, boxes, and miscellaneous items

10' x 20' Standard One-Car Garage

2-3 bedroom apartment and small furniture, boxes, and miscellaneous items

10' x 25'

3-4 bedroom home with appliances, boxes, and miscellaneous items or large enough to store a truck or a car